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From Sportswear to Fashion Statement – The Sports Jersey

Sports jerseys have come a long way from since when they were first knitted, and they have grown to be both a fashion statement and expression of loyalty to his or her favored team. If you were to go to a football game in the 1940s, you more than likely would not have seen spectators wearing the unfashionable but practical uniforms that players donned on the field. They were functional and comfortable, but just that. In the 1940s, players also wore less padding. It wasn’t until the 1960s that a more jersey more familiar today popped up in football.

This jersey was more accommodating to bulky gear underneath but went on to resonate with sports fans all across the world. If you were to go to say, a New York Giants game, you more than likely would see a large crowd of fans wearing jerseys of their favorite players. Not just because it shows their loyalty to their favorite team, but it is fashionable.

Sports Jersey Used as Fashion StatementThere are dozens of sporting goods stores standing on their own or in malls catering to customers buying jerseys and lots of them, and online stores are an option to, in fact you can design custom football jerseys here with just a few clicks. Modern basketball jerseys, for example, can be very colorful. Franchises themselves, like The Lakers, have taken the idea and ran with it by releasing variations on their jerseys for anyone to enjoy, sports fan or not. Basketball uniforms have gone from short shorts and relatively plain jerseys to comfortable, appealing uniforms that millions of people have gone on to wear. The evolution came about for practical reasons surely, but the merchandising success with it has allowed the jerseys to keep evolving and stay in the mainstream.

Spans Many Different Sports

Hockey jerseys are just as fashionable. They are generally baggy and large because of how much padding goes underneath them when playing hockey. Old hockey jerseys were actually much less bulky and didn’t look too much different from a typical long sleeve t shirt. Like football, the evolution of the league and its regulations meant more padding, so they changed. Not only do these professional leagues put out jerseys, hundreds of clothing companies release variations of them in their style and representing their brand. The classic “Baseball tee” is a simple � sleeve t shirt popularized by its use in the early years of baseball. Hip hops groups, fashion labels and rock stars release baseball tees of their product pushing the old school jersey further into the main stream.”Street ware” companies and fashion designers developed the jersey conecpt into more widely appealing items for customers to buy and sport. Jerseys made into dresses for example. Its fun and fashionable, but most importantly does not only appeal to avid sports fans.

Summing it Up

In conclusion, sports jerseys have gone from simple necessities used in competition to a flag of loyalty or simply a fashion statement. Jerseys of whatever sport it may be have broken through to millions of customers based solely on their fashionable appeal. Jerseys are universal. They have proven that they are “cool”, here to stay, and more than likely going to keep on evolving.