Faux Leather (Brown) Jacket

Is “Vegan” the New Trend for “Leather” Jackets? Faux-sho!

We know, we know, the hipster is strong with this one.  While millenials have been known to ruin some things, like beards, tight jeans and the American work ethic, the concept of a “vegan” jacket might not be something to scoff at just yet.  First of all, it’s not quite a new concept, even if its name is somewhat new and a little Social Justice Warrior.  Secondly, the quality isn’t half bad.  I’m serious, its not!

The fashion hardcore snobs will certainly say that leather is he only material that can be used for high quality products, and cheap imitations are the genetic monsters of the fashion world, but hear us out for just a minute.  Why might they be a good option to choose?  There are a few ways:

The Price

WOman in black vegan leather jacket

She pulls it off nice, huh?

Let’s face it, leather, especially that good Italian sheepskin leather that we all love, is expensive as fuck.  That might be fine once in a while, but if we are trying to sport something new and fresh everyday, it’s going to eat into our budget pretty darn quick.  We are in the millenial generation of credit card debt, stagnant real wages for 40+ years, and high cost of living, after all.

The best faux-leather jackets are as much as 50% cheaper then their “carnivorous” counterparts, real-leather.  And furthermore, many of the reviews on sites like Amazon seem to say that the quality is pretty top notch, no matter how much our snobbery begs for us to tear it down a notch.

The Morality?

Not for everyone, but a solid 10% of the population doesn’t eat meat.  Whether that’s for ethical reasons for dietary reasons I’m not sure, but it speaks to the desire to avoid the use of animal products for our daily lives.  The food industry is flooded with meat subsitutes, and this is the fashion industries way of keeping up.  Some soft felt to go along with faux-leather can sort of be like that soy hot dog you accidentally ate and didn’t think was half bad.

If you don’t give a shit about animals, thats cool too.  We’re just talking here.

The Weather

Strange way to round out the list, but faux-leather definitely has some climate associated benefits, including being a bit more breathable, being lighter and cooler, and not sticking to the skin as much (depending on the type).  These can make really good alternatives if you haven’t been quite comfortable in your leather jacket this past spring, or whatever.

Just keep these things in mind next time you are shopping for a new outfit.  Check out a few in-store and see if you like the feel of them, they may not ever replace real leather in terms of quality, but they have some good aspects that are worth looking into.

Till next time!