Level Up Your Low-Key Wardrobe

Who says low-key pieces can’t create a statement? Here’s how to prove they can.

Utility jackets

That utility jacket in your closet deserves a breath of fresh air. It’s cool to wear especially when worn over a soft cotton dress and pair of white sneakers. Wear this ensemble and you’re off to a good start.

Loco with logo

Your shirt, no matter how low-key, speaks loud. From slogans to logos, that white shirt whether splashed with inspiring or witty words will do the talking for you. Pair it with denim skirt or pants. If you want to go bolder, match that tee with a vibrantly colored playful skirt.

Wide-leg pants

Comfort doesn’t have to mean shabby. Your low-key wide-leg pants are yes, a relief to wear. These pants may come in high-waist or low-waist. Level it up with a light cotton camisole top. On summer nights, when the air is cooler, pair it with a soft, loose knit.

Low-key wardrobe pieces donned with the right pair could become a high-key fashion statement. Wear them with confidence and make that statement!