What Makes a Good Fashion Designer Laptop?

Fashion designers are always using a laptop when they are creating designs and when they are showcasing their designs. Matter of fact, as a fashion designer, most of the time you will be on your laptop coming up with new designs for others to construct. A good laptop comes in handy.

What Programs Do You Use?

In most cases, you will be using Adobe Illustrator or any other design software in its category. Such a software requires that you use a computer with powerful graphics and powerful processor. Granted, you will need a computer with Intel Core i3 or higher.

Get a computer with at least 4GB RAM and a recognized graphics card such as AMD or Nvidia. If you are not on a budget, a computer with 16GB RAM and at least Core i5 will offer you the best results.

Does Size and Storage Matter?

A good laptop for designers should have a good screen size, at least 13.6 inches. A smaller screen will make you strain your eyes when designing and so is a very large one. The best size is 15.6-inches screen.
Seeing that you will be storing your designs in your laptop, get a sizable storage, at least 500GD HDD.

Let Your Budget Guide You

There are so many good laptops in the market. The trick is to get the best laptop affordable for your designs. If your budget is not limiting, get the finest from the market. However, you can still get impressive computers on a budget.